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Long Lasting Roses | The Grand Tyrian Bouquet

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Welcome to the richer and more regal magenta long lasting rose. Set inside our eye catching mirror gold square hat boxes, this bouquet is a statement piece, screaming regal elegance. 

Real Luxury Long Lasting Roses - Last For Years - No Need For Water

The Darker Side Of long lasting roses

  • Real luxury purple hued roses that last for years
  • Finest long lasting roses in the World from the sunshine hills of Ecuador
  • Our personalised roses in a box come in many beautiful hues and designs
  • Personalised long lasting roses - add any message you wish to the box and gift card
  • Our purple long lasting roses require absolutely no water and last a year and longer
  • Our long lasting roses are a true luxury gift that is sure to impress
  • 16 luxury purple personalised roses in a box - mirror gold box
  • black gift bag
  • luxury tissue paper
  • printed one year rose care guide 
  • message card and envelope

In order to preserve our beautiful long lasting roses in a box, an advanced and eco friendly process is used. This results in a superb luxury rose which feels just like a freshly-plucked rose, looks completely natural but last for a year and longer with no need to water

The Popularity Of Long Lasting Roses

These luxury black roses that last for years are extremely popular among designers, the famous and now the World, making them the ultimate in fashionable floral gifting.

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