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Having previously owned a wedding styling business, our founder Tamsin knows how choosing the colours and style of your wedding decorations can be a conundrum – how to make it modern enough to feel current, but not so tied to the times that it dates in photos? 

More importantly, the style and colours you choose for your wedding day decorations needs to represent you and the vibe of the wedding. Whether you're after something more romantic, beachy, rock chick or slick, will all play into choosing your overall style and decorations. 

We designed this wonderful luxury roses garland with just that in mind. It has everything, romance with the fullness, modern style with the use of soft grey/blush luxury roses, a natural feel with the use of 2 types of full eucalyptus and a modern edge with our large pink Astible branches jutting out to create height.

Full and beautifully wild this luxury roses garland is perfect for almost all wedding themes and will draw attention to any space you desire for all the right reasons.

So elegant, feminine and timeless in design, this luxury roses garland will keep your top table photos or entryway pics looking fresh and modern for years to come. 


Hire this wondrous luxury roses garland starting at 2 meters for £70.00. Simply specify the date you wish to receive your wedding flower garland at the bottom left in your checkout and we will post it to you, also arranging a collection date 4 days after your event. 

Deposit & Delivery Charge Of Your Luxury Roses Garland:

We ship your English Glamour luxury roses garland directly to where you wish and also organise a collection via DPD. Once you have selected your wedding flower garland and delivery date a combined return delivery charge and protection deposit charge of £40.00 will be added to your order.

Delivery & Collection Of Your Luxury Roses Garland:

Prior to shipping your luxury roses garland we will email you to ask from where and when you would like your garland to be collected. We will unfortunately not ship any luxury roses garlands unless we have confirmed details of an address and date for collection.  

We thank you in advance, for looking after our luxury roses garlands as if they were your own and can't wait to see how you use them to decorate your event. 


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