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Hire This Garland £30 Per Meter

Teamed with lots of country style wooden details a green and white theme colour palette is this is the perfect 'botanical meets rustic' event theme.

Carrying your botanical theme throughout the day with the use of our gorgeous luxury roses garlands using the key foliage choices for this theme of eucalyptus and ruscus.The cool tones of eucalyptus and traditional rustic shapes of ruscus are ideal foundations for this luxury roses table decor garland.

Hues of natural green combined with the freshness of our luxury real touch white forever roses creates an organic, ethereal ambience that will set your event apart. 

Having previously owned an event styling business, we are experienced in making beautiful and elegant luxury roses decor designs that have a real impact. 

This stunning luxury forever roses garland, is full with realistic faux greenery, large open real touch English roses, anemone, astilbe and berry sprays to create a pure and modern feel to your table decor styling.

Stylish event florals are the finishing touches to your day that leave a lasting impression on your guests. This beautiful blue desire luxury roses decor is created to add height, colour and interest to your guests’ dining experience.

Where table decoration is one of our luxury forever roses garlands, we would suggest placing small candles around it, in this case maybe some beautiful white candles in metallic holders, to add a stunning natural light to the table and a gentle flicker that hits our luxury faux florals and almost brings them to life. 


All of our luxury forever roses table decoration garlands are made by hand and can be hire from £30 per meter with a minimum length of 2 meters, because really what use is 1 meter to anyone!

Simply specify the date you wish to receive your luxury roses garland at the bottom left in your checkout and we will post it to you, also arranging a collection date up to 4 days after your event. 

Protection Deposit & Delivery Charge:

We ship your luxury forever roses garland directly to where you wish and also organise a collection via DPD. Once you have selected your garland and delivery date a combined return delivery charge and protection deposit charge of £40.00 will be added to your order.

Delivery & Collection:

Prior to shipping your luxury forever roses garland we will email you to ask from where and when you would like your garland to be collected. We will unfortunately not ship any luxury roses garlands unless we have confirmed details of an address and date for collection. 

We thank you in advance, for looking after luxury roses garlands as if they were your own and can't wait to see how you use them to decorate your event. 



The Forever Roses UK | Botanical Rose Garland is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 14, 2019