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Our Faux Forever Roses In A Box | Look Real & Feel Real

Pink and white roses are the most popular roses of time....after the romance of the red rose both of these roses convey romance and sweet thoughts of the receiver. 

However, the downside to fresh roses is that they require quite a lot of care to keep looking fresh and will unfortunately wilt and fade overtime. 

That is why we scoured the UK to find a faux rose that replicates fresh in all it's wondrous ways but can be kept literally forever. 

Our beautiful pink and white real touch faux forever roses are the most stunning faux roses you will ever see. Soft petals with a hyper realistic look, delicate veining detail and gradients of colour that only adding to the are these fresh or not question.

Not only do our beautiful faux forever roses look exquisitely real, but having been coated with a special solution, every stunning petal possesses a cool and dewy feel, making it extremely difficult to distinguish them from real open roses.

These finest of rose fakers will last a lifetime just like your love.

The Finer Details Of Our Faux Forever Roses In A Box

  • 6 of our most beautifully pink or white real touch faux forever roses
  • Pearl hat box with lid - perfect for wedding days
  • ribbon and gift bag
  • personal message card and envelope
  • personalise or not with rose gold foiled text - the choice is yours

Production Times

All of our faux forever roses bouquets are made to order so please allow 24 hours for production weekdays. Any orders placed after 5pm on a Friday will not be processed until the following Monday morning.

About Our Luxury Faux Forever Roses Bouquets

  • The finest pink or white real touch faux forever roses
  • Each of our faux forever roses in a box bouquets is handmade
  • Each of our real touch faux forever roses is treated solution that gives them a cool and dewy feel, just like fresh roses
  • Our faux forever roses in a box bouquets last forever if treated with care
  • The perfect luxury faux forever roses in a box gift
The Forever Roses UK | Roses In A Box | Midi Pearl was designed with love in mind. Something to keep the receiver happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 07, 2019