One Year Roses UK | What Is A One Year Rose?




What Is A One Year Rose??

Our One Year Roses are the finest roses in the World.

Grown in the sunshine hills of Ecuador, where they are treated to much longer hours a beautiful sunlight, this results in a much fuller blooms that your average rose.



Our One Year Roses are real roses; grown in exactly the same ways as your usual luxury fresh roses, with no special chemicals added during their growing periods at any point. 



Our One Year Roses are picked by hand at their optimum point, when their bloom is at it's fullest and most beautiful.

Our One Year Roses are quality checked for perfection at every stage and are collated into equal sized blooms, so every forever rose that we use is exactly the same size, making for the most beautiful of structured luxury bouquets.

Our One Year Roses are then treated with a revolutionary and Eco friendly solution, that replaces their natural sap; the part of the rose which leads to the degradation and fading overtime.



How Long Do One Year Roses Actually Last??

The results of this detailed and delicate process are that it suspends our One Year Roses beauty in time. Leaving them feeling soft as if they were just plucked looking just as beautiful.

Our One Year Roses actually last from 1-3 years in our luxury open boxed arrangements, if you treat them with care and love they may even last longer.

Our One Year Roses require absolutely no water for their lifetime - actually moisture is not really their friend. 

They also require no sunlight - something that brings our a fresh rose. In the case of our One Year Roses, direct and strong sunlight can actually fade their beauty an cause them to fade quicker.

These One Year Roses are a revolution in the floral world and truly the most luxurious and exquisite of floral gifting. 

How Much Is A One Year Rose??

Our collection of One Year Roses was designed with the vision of bringing you a truly exclusive and unique long life rose arrangement that can be enjoyed for years with very little special care being required. 

All of our One Year Rose arrangements are made by hand and to order, so you can rest assured that perfection and beautiful aesthetics will always be achieved. 

Our wondrous One Year Roses deserve only the best accompaniment, so each of our arrangements are designed with luxury hat boxes and finishes that truly enhance the spectacular beauty of these most luxurious of flora.

As such the price of our One Year Roses in comparison to that of a fresh is between 2 and 3 times more. But think, why buy fresh roses for £40.00 that will wilt and fade, even if looked after perfectly in a matter of weeks, when you can buy a bouquet of Forever Roses that will last for years starting from £79.00.



As If That Wasn't Special Enough

We are one of the first companies in the UK to provide a fully personalised service to every One Year Roses bouquet, allowing you to embellish our luxury hat boxes with your own personal message in chic white text; providing a truly exquisite forever roses bouquet option for you and a wondrous luxury roses gift for the receiver. 

Explore our One Year Roses UK Collection now and spoil them with the finest flora in the World.