One Year Roses UK | The History Of Our House Of Lux Florals

 At Lux Florals we love to create luxury roses gifts as decorative aesthetics that wow and impress. 

Our Founder Tamsin obsesses over every little detail, with her aim always to be to create the most beautiful of things.
Tamsin is at heart a true creative and before founding Lux Florals, was a wedding stylist, creating bespoke one off wedding designs for her Shropshire clients. She has always adored art, design and of course flowers, simply falling in love with the notion of roses that look and feel as if they were just plucked but actually last for years. What better and more romantic than luxury roses that express the deepest of emotions yet require very little care remaining beautiful and exquisite for years to come. 
Tamsin loves roses so much she even used one year roses in her centrepieces for her wedding blending them seamlessly with luxury fauxs and fresh foliage. 
After 9 months researching, developing and designing, Lux Florals' first collection of one year roses was launched online and it has been a whirlwind since. We now partner with a wonderful selection of online retailers who retail our luxury one year roses boxes and have developed our newest 2020 edit with glamour and decadence in mind.