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Roses are delicate things. Too much sun, they wilt; too much water, they drown.

Maintaining your beautiful luxury rose arrangements can become a full-time job, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Luckily faux luxury roses exist and our real touch luxury versions are the finest you can find.

Gone are the days of desperately trying to find faux flora that doesn't look cheap and tacky.  There are now these days countless iterations of hyper realistic faux flowers that are available to adorn your life in a luxurious and long lasting way.

Luxury is always at the forefront of our minds so when we launched our House Of Roses, finding the finest faux luxury roses was one of our main aims. We have scoured the World to find you the most realistic faux roses and we know you will not be disappointed with what we have found.

Our real touch faux luxury roses are a real revolution in the world of faux flora.

Not only do they possess exquisite realism in their supple form, with petals that fold and fall in an extraordinary way making them look not only super realistic from a distance but also very up close.

Each petal also has beautiful and natural looking veining which only adds to their realism in a very detailed and delicate way.

However the most astonishing thing about our faux luxury roses is their feel.

Coated in a special solution each and every petal has a cool and somewhat dewy feel that is utterly confusing frankly, as you know they are faux but your brain is telling you they feel real, just like a fresh rose. 

In our endeavour to discover the most realistic of faux luxury roses we did a lot of market research and on presenting these faux roses to people everyone was utterly fooled and actually had to ask if they were fauxs, rather than knowing straight away. This only compounded our thoughts that we had finally found the most exquisite and hyper realistic roses.

Explore our Faux Luxury Roses Collection now and join us in this celebration of these long lasting exquisite fakers.