How do the Eternity Roses last so long - are they real?


Our eternity roses are the finest roses in the World. Grown in Ecuador where they are treated to much longer hours of sunshine, resulting in much larger and fuller blooms that your standard fresh cut roses that tend to come from South Africa. 

Our roses have gone through a very special process:

The fresh roses are hand selected, they then go through a preservation process where their natural sap is replaced with an Eco friendly preservation solution and then they are finally dyed.

This process preserves the roses natural softness, texture, shine and colour.

When cared for correctly these roses will last for a year and much longer. 

What are the benefits of ordering Eternity Roses from Lux Florals? 

The benefits of purchasing eternity roses by Lux Florals is that they don't need to be watered and will not wilt. Following our rose care guidance you will find that they are very simple to take care of, and will remain as beautiful as they day they were plucked for a year minimum.

Similar fresh cut rose arrangements would cost from £55 upwards and would last only 2 weeks if cared for very well. So if you wanted to have fresh rose bouquets like ours for an entire year it would actually cost a minimum of £1,430.

  • Keep them out of direct strong sunlight.

  • Display them in a room that doesn't get too hot or cold, so best not to be near a radiator.

  • Don't ever water them or spray them with anything as moisture will cause them to degrade.

  • Please don't remove the roses from their arrangement box, they are happy and safe in there, handling them too much will result in cracks to the delicate petals

  • If they get a little dusty you can simply gently clean them with a soft makeup brush or hairdryer on low and cold.

  • Do not place anything on top of the roses that may crush or damage them

Can I add a personal message to my Eternity Rose Bouquet?
Yes of course.

You can add a handwritten message with all of our arrangements and also add a custom message in metallic foiled text to the boxes and lids of our arrangements.

They have been hand placed in there to keep them safe. They are designed to stay in their vase or container for their lifespan. Taking them out will unfortunately damage them.

Will my Eternity Rose arrangement look exactly like the photos?

We make all of our arrangements to look like the photos. However, when using any natural product there will be slight variations as no two roses are ever the same.

Please also note that colours can look slightly different due to lighting, however we do our very best to accurately photograph them to give you a true representation.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, Lux Florals UK does not accept returns unless an item is faulty. In this unlikely event please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.