About Us

Having owned an event styling business for many years, Founder Tamsin was far too familiar with the sight of beautiful floral arrangements wilting in the heat of summer marque weddings or being thrown away by venues the day after lavish events. 
Disillusioned by this, Tamsin set about researching the possibilities of preserving delicate blooms and a year later created the concept of Lux Florals — Cheshire's first rose atelier and creator of custom one year rose bouquets, which launched in 2017.
We source only the finest one year roses in The World. Cultivated in Ecuador, they are treated to long hours of sunlight, making our blooms much fuller than your standard fresh cut rose.
They are hand picked and then professionally treated so their beauty and soft feel is suspended in time.
We always strive to create uniquely beautiful designs and specialise is the personalisation of our bouquet boxes. 
Choose from a range of stunning season rose hues, fashionable custom bouquet boxes and personalise those boxes with any message of your choosing. 
Welcome to the wondrous world of one year roses by Lux Florals UK