The Chic Noir White | 8 White Eternity Roses

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The meaning of shimmering white eternity roses is not very hard to decipher if you go by their appearance.

The colour white has always been synonymous with purity and virtue. And so, sincerity and purity are some of the obvious meanings of a white eternity rose.

When you need to convince that your affections are straight from the heart and are as pure as virgin snow, use white roses that last a year.

Our roses that last a year come from the beautiful lands of Ecuador, where they are hand picked and treated with a natural solution that suspends their elegance in time for you to enjoy for a year and longer. 

  • 8 eternity roses in black hat box
  • gift bag
  • tissue paper
  • printed rose care guide 
  • message card and envelope

Our signature bouquets come with our logo branded on the front of your bouquet box and our custom bouquets come with a message of your choice to the front of the box in foiled text.