The Chic White Peach | 8 Peach Eternity Roses

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The simply beautiful peach eternity rose expresses sociability, friendliness, purity and innocence.

That is why social gatherings and friendly parties often sport these beautiful roses in abundance. Simply put, they are a celebration of the deep social instinct of man. 

This one year rose so delicate and dainty in its beauty, delivers a simple message of genuine warmth and sincere thoughts.

Our roses that last a year are grown in the warmth of the Ecuadorian hills, high in the hills where they are treated to the longest hours of sunshine, resulting in some of the largest and fullest blooms across the industry. 

Your bouquet is then made to order by our professionals who will ensure that it is perfection in every aspect.

  • 8 eternity roses in white hat box
  • gift bag
  • tissue paper
  • printed rose care guide 
  • message card and envelope

Our signature bouquets come with our logo branded on the front of your bouquet box and our custom bouquets come with a message of your choice to the front of the box in foiled text.