The Bridal Collection | Long Lasting Roses For A Long Lasting Love

If It's Real It Will Never Be Over
It starts with a the saying goes.....and then the butterflies, the need to be in each others pocket day and night, the texts, the calls....the baby voices (you know you all do it) moves, holidays and then comes the ring.....the ring you've waited to give to her for weeks and has frankly driven you insane thinking about. She's more than ready to stand by you through everything. To love you at your worse as well as at your best. To laugh and cry and be angry and confused right alongside you. LOVE.
We are big fans of love at Lux Florals, we love romance, surprises and all the bits in between. We have had the honour to be a little part of so many proposals, anniversaries and declarations of love over the years and it's been amazing. 
So we wanted to create a bridal collection. A luxury bouquet that can be presented during your proposal, after your engagement or even on the morning as a beautiful and personal gift for your bride. 
We have worked so hard to get just the right pearl coloured hat boxes, the perfect soft toned long lasting roses and the finest finishes to make them worthy of your big day. 
Adding your own personal message, date etc to the front of these luxury Parisian styled boxes only adds to the wonder and I can guarantee you, there isn't a woman who wouldn't love to receive one of these bouquets