Red Long Lasting Roses - What's Their History & Meaning??



Have you ever wondered why roses are considered as the most enduring symbol of love and romance? Red long lasting roses are the most romantic flowers of all. In fact, even Shakespeare used the stunning red rose to complete his classic Romeo and Juliet. Many notable poets and writers have also used the romantic significance of red roses in their writings. 

We can learn the history of why our red long lasting roses are the symbol of romance and love from western culture. It is said that red roses were created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. According to the legend, her tears and her lovers blood watered the ground turning all the white roses red. As such the red rose then became a symbol of a love that lasts until death.

There are also many Eastern cultural beliefs and tradition that link red roses with love and romance. Roses were first cultivated in China thousands of years ago and with red being the colour of good fortune and good luck in China, it's easy to see why red roses are so popular.

Red roses also have their own legends and beliefs in Hindu culture. According to the Hindu legends, their goddess Laxmi, the goddess of fortune and prosperity and also the wife of Vishnu, was created using 1008 small red rose petals and 108 large roses. Since then, Hindus have linked romance and love to red roses.


The relation of red long lasting roses to romance and love goes beyond tradition, cultures, and beliefs. Red long lasting roses are also known to represent intimacy and passionate emotions.The colour of red long lasting roses refers to affection, love, and admiration. Bright red long lasting roses symbolise romance while burgundy and crimson red long lasting roses mean undying love. 

xoxo Tamsin