The Worlds Love Affair With The Pink Rose

Pink - The New Neutral
It's hard to deny the soft stylish ambiance that pink creates within a home.

From Millennial Pink to Scandi Pink, this is the new-generation neutral, so you can brings a fresh warmth, depth and sophistication to contemporary interiors with a beautiful bouquet of our stunning pink long lasting roses and maybe even add a splash of roses to your interiors.

Pink Roses - Fashion Forward Interiors

It doesn't just stop at pink as a colour, the latest interior love affair is with the rose. Emblazon your walls with stunning rose wallpapers and decals to add a modernly feminine touch to any interior - we LOVE this!!



The power of pink has proved remarkably resistant to the fickle fads of fashion. It has set the tone in successive seasons, and reappeared at the past years fashion shows, making it the definite choice for the female fashionista. 

Dolce & Gabana S/S 2019 


Alexander McQueen S/S 2018


Vivetta Fall 2019 Ready To Wear Collection


Pink Long Lasting Roses - What They Express

Pink long lasting roses, as expressed by their luscious colour, is happiness and joy. The pink long lasting rose denotes that the receiver is a pleasure to behold, a pleasure to have in ones company. Thus, they are an indication of deep joy.

In ancient Hebrew scriptures, it is written that pink roses were and still are the only flowers permitted inside the walls of the city of Jerusalem. Their stunning spiraling petals said to represent the journey towards perfection. So in this sense the answer to the age old question “what do pink roses mean?” is they mean the giver finds the recipient nothing short of perfect in their eyes - and you thought red roses were the most romantic flowers in the World.
xoxo Tamsin