Long Lasting Roses | New Collection Is Rose Heaven

So we've had a little face lift.....what do you think??!

After 3 years selling wondrous long lasting roses we decided it was time to do some different. We wanted to improve and develop your shopping experience so now not only can you buy from our new luxury long lasting roses collection.....gorgeous by the way! You can also get some fab info on roses that last a year, how they work, how to look after them and much more.

We also wanted to delve a little deeper into the history of the wonderful long lasing rose...there's a lot of history trust us. So we have now created a page where you can choose you roses that last a year bouquet by it's colour meaning and learn a little bit about the history of that colour of rose...if you so wish.

Another thing we wanted to offer a little helping hand with is gift card messages. No we love reading your personal messages so it's not that we want to change these in anyway. its just that some customers order such wonderful bouquets and then don't send a message with them, we thought maybe it was because you were struggling to put your thought into words. So we rounded up a whole host of wonderful and romantic quotes, some rose themed...of course and other pure romance, just so you could steal one and take the credit...our lips are sealed!!

That's it for the roundup except to say we hope you love our new website and if you need any help with anything, just get in touch, we're really friendly here.

xoxo Tamsin

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