Long Lasting Roses | Mum ~ A Title Just Above Queen


Mum | A Title Just Above Queen

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share in today's post, this picture of my beautiful mum. I love this picture of us from my wedding day in 2017 as it really sums up our relationship. Our mums are always there for us, bad day, best days and all the days in between, so Mothers Day is a a wonderful occasion that should be cherished. 

When I started designing our S/S long lasting roses collections for 2019 Mother's Day was high on my list of priorities, so we spent a great deal of time looking for beautifully feminine bouquet boxes and sourcing the sweetest rose hues especially for the occasion. 

In the design research, I discovered that pink long lasting roses symbolise a mother's undying love, gratitude and tenderness - emotions that make the bond between a mother and her children so priceless.

So I focused on stunning pink long lasting roses shades to bring that symbolisation together with our luxury real rose designs. 

Here's a few of the designs we have created for this cherished of occasions.


Grand Square Bouquet £179.00

This log lasting roses bouquet is the most feminine of them all. Using our lustrous rose gold square boxes, this bouquet catches they light and the eye in a spectacular way. Finished with a simple "Love You Mum" message, we adore this long lasting roses bouquet so much and it is proving to be one of our most popular designs not just for mothers day but for all those ladies in your lives, that call for super feminine gifts. 

The Chic Round Noir £89.00

If you're looking for something a little more dramatic and Parisian in style then our chic round noir is just perfect. Containing eight of our sweetest blossom pink long lasting roses encased in our soft noir hat boxes, this bouquet is striking yet simply elegant. All of our long lasting roses are hand picked for perfection and treated professionally so their elegance and splendor in this bouquet remains for a year and longer.


The Bijou £69.00

This bouquet may be bijou but that doesn't stop it from making a striking statement on any table. Four or our most perfect blossom pink long lastingroses are arranged with our chic matt white cube boxes. Made to order with all luxury additions being finished by hand by our designers, who have a keen eye for detail and and affinity with luxury. 

Don't forget, you can add your personal messages to all of our long lasting roses bouquets, so get thinking about what you've wanted to say to your mum and let us create a luxurious gift to express that sentiment. 

Xo Tamsin 

Lux Florals UK