Black And White Is Over.........Go Screaming Metallics

Our new collection of metallic long lasting roses are here and we are in love!

Metallics never really go out of fashion in home decor and fashion but have had a huge revival recently, with delicate coppers and rose golds leading the way in fashion, gifts and interiors. So we couldn't resist producing a beautiful metallic one year roses collection that will sit perfectly and elegantly in any home or office. 

Our gold long lasting roses bouquets


Our gold long lasting roses could not look any more decadent than in our mirror rose gold hat boxes.  Our mirror gold boxes are some of our most popular as they scream elegance and glamour. We finish our beautiful one year roses with a rich vibrant metallic gold that catches the light and makes a real statement. 

Available in our mirror gold boxes and also our onyx boxes.


A mix of our decadent metallic gold finished long lasting roses in our onyx hat boxes is something to behold. Chic in all the right measures, the long lasting roses bouquet makes a perfect luxury flora gift for the woman who accepts nothing but the best. 

Our silver long lasting roses bouquets


A modern and chic example of luxury flora our stunning and lustrous silver long lasting roses in our onyx hat boxes will sit perfectly in any modern and minimalist home. Some people only love silver, it's bright and modern colour makes it the most popular choice for jewellery and home interiors. Our luxury long lasting roses are finished in a delicate metallic silver colour and nestled within our luxury onyx and pearl hat boxes, to create and eye catching moderna bouquet that will not disappoint in its elegance. 


Our luxury silver long lasting roses sit demurely in our pearl hat boxes - the most feminine and splendid of our silver long lasting roses bouquets. This bouquet has a sense of spendor about it, harking to the most classic of jewellery, pearls, with the use of our gorgeous pearl hat boxes. Definitely one for the woman who has classic style in abundance. 

Our rose gold long lasting roses bouquets


Rose gold....what can we say! This beautiful metallic colour has been hot in fashion, interiors, gifts and even cars for the past 4 years and still shows no signs of slowing down in its popularity. The most delicate and feminine of the metallic tones it's no wonder women have fallen head over heels for this delicious shade. So how could we not answer the cries for rose gold long lasting roses! 

Our rose gold nights bouquet is a combination of classic style with a modern hit. Our luxury long lasting roses are finished in a most beautiful metallic rose gold and set inside our luxury onyx hat boxes. All of our one year roses bouquets can be fully personalised, so get poetic and add a beautiful message to the front of this bouquet box and knock her off her feet!


The most feminine of all our metallic long lasting roses designs is our rose gold pearl box bouquet. Sweet, delicate and screaming feminine demureness, this one is going to be our most popular without a doubt. 

We have adored creating this collection and can't wait to get creating more wondrous one year roses bouquets to adorn every moment of life.

xoxo Tamsin