From One Faux Lover To Another

So artificial flowers have had such a revival over the past years, they dominate when it comes to wedding decor these days. They provide a fantastic alternative to fresh flowers for many reasons, our most favourite being that they aren't seasonal.
When I got married in January 2017, I really wanted beautiful hydrangea head centrepieces and deep red peonies in my bouquet - my wedding was art deco themed, so rich and dark colours were the style. 
Unfortunately neither of these flowers are easy to get a hold of in the cold month of January so I started to look at fauxs. Owning a wedding styling business at the time was a great help and I found a wonderful range of luxury fauxs that solved all of my problems. This was when I first fell in love with artificial flowers and I haven't looked back's a pic of my top table faux centrepieces.
Not only did I absolutely love how versatile these artificial flowers were, but they were so realistic everyone at the table was fooled..this is the ultimate fake with fauxs. 
Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fresh flowers, but it is hard to deny the benefits to fauxs. After my wedding I gave these centrepieces as gifts to my mother and mother-in-law so they had a long lasting memento of our day.
This was the beginning of my love for fauxs and Lux Florals House Of Roses was born. 
I pick of all of our luxury roses with perfection and realism in mind - there are no cheap fakers at Lux Florals. 
I have adored creating our latest collection of forever roses in a box gifts, luxury roses floral decor and thank you gifts for weddings.
With regards our luxury roses faux garlands, we've all seen the ones that look amazing in the pics and then arrive half the size and barely visible they are so thin, with cheap frayed flowers...simply disappointing, and there is no need for this. There are a whole host of beautiful, large and realistic artificial luxury flowers out there, it would be a tragedy to not use that's what I did. 
I wanted to create an entire collection of full and wild luxury roses garlands that can not only be used for wedding decor...and they do look sooo gorgeous draped over a banister or down a long table!. But also for boutique decor, dining table decor, your little princesses bedroom and much more. Our luxury roses garlands are so versatile they really can be used for anything. 
We also love to create bespoke pieces...such fun. So if you're looking for something extra special, or just, as I did, want a specific flower get in touch.
We want to help you adorn your event with the finest fauxs and for that reason we do not charge the earth to hire our artificial flower garlands. Lengths start at 2m...because frankly what use is 1m to anyone. You can hire for a period of 7 days (2 days prior to your event and then we arrange collection up to 4 days later from wherever you wish by courier) and all for £80.00. There is no maximum length and it actually get a little cheaper the longer the garland. 
You won't see artificial flower garlands like ours and your guests won't know that they are beautiful little fakers us. 
So have a little browse of our latest collection and get in touch if you need...we're really friendly!
xox Tamsin

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